TekGroup of Companies 
Terms & Conditions 




  • TekSupport (Pty) Ltd, TekConnect (Pty) Ltd or TekUbhuti (Pty) Ltd will herein further be referred to as “TekGroup” in their individual or collective capacity. 


  • All service cancellations carry a 30-Day notice period as defined by a calendar month.  
  • All Services (Rental) are Pre-Payable each month in advance unless explicitly stated otherwise.  
  • All Service invoices will be charged Pro-Rata from the installation/activation date of the service/subscription. Services activated or registered are non-refundable and fully payable in advance for the 1st Month. 


  • Backup services are not billed pro-rata but rather per data storage size allocation, therefore the full service amount is billed from the date of activation in advance and not for the time of use. 
  • Domains Registrations, SSL certificates, Microsoft 365 & Anti-Virus Non-Monthly Subscriptions are annually renewable. Service or subscription pricing that note a 12-month commitment is subject to an annual agreement. 
  • Internet & Hosting Services are subject to AUP: https://tekgroup.co.za/index.php/aup-acceptable-use-policy  
  • Internet Services eg. Wireless Download & Upload ratios are set at 1:4 and are best-effort services that carry no uptime guarantee unless specified otherwise by a Service Level Agreements (SLA). 


  • LTE/3G/Mobile Services are Capped services and subject to data top-ups at an additional fee should the customer run out of data before the next period. Onus is on the customer to request top-ups. 
  • The Customer confirms that they understand that Fixed LTE services will only work on an approved Cat6 LTE Router (Huawei B618, Huawei B525, Huawei B612, ZTE MF286). 
  • 3G/LTE Services do not include any hardware, SIM Only. Hardware eg. Routers are quoted separately and will be specified. 
  • With Fixed LTE services the SIM will be locked down to the location supplied.
  • Please allow up to 24 hours from the time the SIM Card is inserted for the data to be allocated. 
  • Please note that the purchase of the LTE service is subject to RICA and you will be required to provide certain documentation on delivery of the device. 


  • Monthly VOIP Call Costs Billed Post-Dated by TekConnect (Pty) Ltd based on usage. 
  • Monthly VOIP Account Rental @ R15.00 Incl VAT per number.
  • Monthly Data SIM + LTE Router Rental Package @ R299.00 Incl VAT (Payable in advance monthly) 
  • LTE Router rental subject to a 12-month minimum contract duration. 
  • VOIP Calls setup through LTE connection (as above) and requires internet access. 
  • Average Call Costs of 0.18c - 0.28c per minute.  
  • Once-Off Talk Number Setup (Generic Geo No.) at R15.00 Incl VAT (Optional). 
  • Once-Off Number Porting charged at R199.00 Incl VAT per number. 
  • Number porting may take 7 - 60 Days depending on current provider. 
  • International Calling is only activated on request. 
  • Call Quality subject to internet quality and stability (over usage will affect). 
  • Up to 5x Concurrent Calls per connection depending on signal/coverage. 
  • The onus is on the customer to cancel their previous service provider account. 


  • Terms for the Sale of Product or Service:  

All products excl. Consumables & Software carry 12-month warranty. Software is Non-Refundable. 2. Warranty void on physical & electrical damage. 3. Items repairable won’t be swapped. 4. The TekGroup is not liable for any kind of loss whatsoever 5. Interest will accrue on overdue amounts @ 15% P.A. 6. Ownership of all goods supplied remains vested in the TekGroup until payment in full. 7. Goods not resalable won’t be credited. 15% Handling Fee is applicable. 8. Pricing valid for 1 day only on in-stock items, Influenced by ROE & availability, pricing may change without prior notice. 9. Guarantee subject to services rendered by a representative of the TekGroup. 10. Minimum repair turnaround 72 Hours. 11. All manufacturer repairs carry a minimum rejection fee. 12. Repairs uncollected within 30 Days will be sold to defray costs. 13. Unpaid accounts will be suspended and handed over after 90 Days for Debt Collecting for which the customer is liable for costs. 14. E&OE.  


  • Updated Terms & Conditions available at https://tekgroup.co.za/index.php/terms-conditions  
  • For further info on our Privacy Policy follow the link: https://tekgroup.co.za/index.php/privacy-policy  
  • The Protection of Personal Information Act, POPIA,  
  • ...gives individuals the right to ask our organisation to confirm that we are processing your personal information and provide you with a copy of that personal information.  
  • Personal information can be any information identifiable to a particular person. For example: name, contact details, email, race, health statues, etc. 
  • From 1 July 2021 the Protection of Personal Information Act (POPIA) is coming into full effect and committed to ensuring we comply to all necessary regulations. POPIA is designed to protect how everyone’s data is used, stored, and processed. Privacy is extremely important to us and we’d like to assure you that your data is in safe hands with us. 
  • To understand what we are doing to increase data safety from our side, please read through our POPIA customer policy document available on our website: https://tekgroup.co.za/index.php/popia 
  • If you want to more than just confirm whether or not we hold your personal information, it will help us process your request more easily if you are able to provide additional information as per the procedure outlined at: https://tekgroup.co.za/index.php/popia